Sunday, February 25, 2007

On Line Learning

This week we had a great meeting to discuss beginning on line learning in our district. Although the teachers, administrators and students are ready to go, the pragmatics don’t ever seem to line up. Between the UC system, the California Department of Education, the law and the organization of our district there is always one piece out of alignment. First, any class that would fulfill the A through G requirements for our students would require UC accreditation. There is no legislation that would allow any of our schools to collect attendance funds for any on line class, and offering a class is summer school may actually cost the district money, as summer school is an income producer. There is some thought about offering our careers and health class as an on line class, but the summer school issue and funding it during the regular school year are issues.

Regardless, the passion and energy in the room to somehow find a way to get this done was amazing. The group will keep twisting and turning this issue and, I am confident, find a way to get a class offered. After a difficult week of budget discussions, it was an uplifting experience to work with this group of caring, knowledgeable and passionate professionals.


Sean Williams said...

Just some thoughts on funding (that you probably already considered)...I know we get ADA for students on work contracts (ie vacation)why wouldn't it be the same for on-line classes? Also, doesn't the district get ADA for students doing the home hospice program? I know these are not answers but maybe they would lead in a new direction.

Zazu said...

Good post.