Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Classrooms Starting Soon!!

After what seems like an interminable delay, we have our bid complete and we should be starting classrooms at Yorba Linda Middle School and at Glenknoll Elementary Schools: a total of about 40 classrooms in total.  This was only possible through the great work of our purchasing department and Facilities folks who were committed not to let this go to the =next board meeting, which would have bee November 28th!  The bid was finalized three working days prior to the Board Meeting.  Our purchasing people completed all the review of the bid, the licenses and the bonds in that time, putting aside all the other things that they had to do.  Our school board, like all school boards do not like last minute surprises.  They want to be able to carefully review the items coming to the school board so that they can make an informed decision.  Our superintendent and board were agreeable to a walk up item.  That is we could print the approval of the contract without the name of the selected vendor and then provide the name on the night of the meeting.  

Finally facilities, who handled all the accounts for the bond, were able to move money and provide accounts so that we could get the purchase orders for the equipment out.  As always, my assistant, Terry Loyd was superwoman.  She coordinated it all and made all the phone calls to be sure that the details of the paperwork were in line and moving along.  Nothing gets done in my office without the masterful touch of Terry Loyd!

So we will have construction meetings this week and the vendor says they can start as soon as the end of this week.  At  long last we are moving!

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David said...

I've spoken with several teachers and they are very excited to be so close to installation! Thanks for the hard work of all involved. Our students (and teachers) will be better for your efforts!